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The Art of Eyebrow Plucking: How to Achieve Perfectly Shaped Brows

Gather the Right Tools

Before you start plucking your eyebrows, ensure you have the right tools. High-quality, slanted tweezers are essential for precise and controlled plucking. Avoid using pointed tweezers, which can cause more pain and may not grip the hair effectively. Additionally, having a spoolie brush or an old, clean mascara wand can help you brush your eyebrows into place before and after plucking.

Prepare Your Brows

Start by cleansing your face and eyebrows to remove makeup, oils, or debris. Use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover and pat your eyebrows dry with a soft towel. Brush your eyebrows upwards using the spoolie brush to reveal your brows’ natural shape and outline.

Determine Your Brow Shape

Before plucking, determine your ideal brow shape based on your face shape and natural eyebrow arch. Here are some general guidelines:

Oval Face

Oval faces suit soft, balanced brows with a gentle arch.

Round Face

Round faces benefit from more angular brows with a higher arch to create the illusion of length.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces look best with soft, rounded brows that are not overly arched.

Square Face

Square faces are complemented by gently curved brows to soften the angles.

Start Plucking

Using your tweezers, begin plucking stray hairs outside your desired brow shape. Take your time and pluck one hair at a time to maintain control and avoid over-plucking. Focus on removing hairs from the bottom and top of the eyebrow, and only pluck from the middle if necessary.

Follow Your Natural Brow Arch

When shaping your brows, follow your natural brow arch as a guide. Avoid creating an artificial or exaggerated arch that does not align with your facial features. Tweeze the area just below the arch to accentuate it subtly.

Step Back and Check

Periodically step back from the mirror and assess your progress. It will give you a better perspective on your brow shape and help you avoid over-plucking or creating uneven brows.

Trim if Necessary

Use small scissors to carefully trim if you have long eyebrow hairs that stick out or disrupt your desired shape. Be cautious and trim conservatively to prevent cutting too much hair.

Finish with a Soothing Product

After plucking, apply a soothing gel or aloe vera to calm the skin and reduce redness or irritation.

Maintain Regularly

To keep your eyebrows looking polished and well-groomed, maintain your plucking routine regularly. Pluck any new stray hairs as they appear to preserve your desired shape.