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dramatic eye makeup style
Makeup Application Techniques

Makeup Details That Attract Men: Understanding What Catches Their Eye

Makeup can enhance a person’s features, boost confidence, and express individuality. While the primary motivation for wearing makeup is often self-expression and self-confidence, it’s no secret that some makeup details can also catch the eye of men. Flawless Skin One makeup detail that universally captivates men is flawless-looking skin. A smooth and even complexion with …

Makeup Application Techniques

Becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist: A Guide to Pursue Your Passion

Research the Field Before diving into the world of permanent makeup artistry: Take the time to research the industry thoroughly. Learn about different permanent makeup techniques, such as microblading, lip blush, and eyeliner tattooing. Familiarize yourself with the latest trends, styles, and safety protocols. This research will give you a comprehensive understanding of the field …